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Soon after YouSendIt became Hightail, they hired us for a very specific brand awareness task: create a poster and video for projection in a London underground station. I lead the concepting and art direction, and working closely with Ataboy Studios I managed the production of the animated piece under extremely tight time and budget constraints.


To get the word out about the rebrand, we created the #HightailTherapy social campaign: combing through Twitter to identify local creative shops, we proactively engaged with them during times of stress. Hightail, a cloud service to send and receive large files was a perfect fit for that professional demographic. During the three-day campaign, we sent dozens of gifts around the city to those who tweeted at us, including breakfast to an agency that had just pulled an all-nighter and a branded salami to celebrate the sausage getting made.

We also partnered with Clients From Hell, one of the highest trafficked blogs for freelancers and creatives most likely to use their service and launched a campaign target at creative in San Francisco. We did a full site takeover and wrote several rotating ads and blog posts, letting frustrated creatives know that help was on the way.