Experiential - Social

LinkedIn Picture Opportunity Tour

Mobile Photo Studio Experience

Objective: Increase existing users' engagement with the brand by driving up profile photo uploads.

My role: Conceptualize and build a mobile photo studio to tour the country and meet LinkedIn users at key points in time, hosting talks by uniquely inspiring individuals and providing an opportunity to get a professional photo to boost their profiles. I helped craft the user journey and truck build, from interior design to exterior wrap.

Results: Massive increase in engagement and a couple of awards (Design Award / Ex Awards / Promo Pro Award)

Our 24 foot custom-fabricated glass front box truck was designed to be open so people outside can see the action inside. The experience also flowed outside of the truck to operate the exterior elements when space allowed. If members were in a hurry, they could still participate in updating their profile photo by snapping a new picture at our fast track fixture, which had two photo backdrops to choose from.