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New Balance

Runbot Creative Tech Initiative

Objective: Position New Balance as a modern challenger sports brand, one that elevates how you play the game. Find a big idea that communicates that NB understands, motivates and improves the lives of athletes through digital experiences and wearable technologies.

My role: In partnership with Boston Dynamics, we’ll create Runbot: a running robot that takes a step for every step real connected runners take. Runbot will jog around the world with a support vehicle and document its travels along the way, matching the miles of runners who upload the recorded runs from their wearables. As long as people are running, Runbot will keep going, tweeting out who he’s running for and visualizing how far they’ve run on an oinline map. It will be equipped with cameras for a first-person POV livestream, with the support vehicle acting as a charging station, drone docking bay, and a global wi-fi hotspot.